League of Legends Username Bot

The League Of Legends Username Bot is a program created to help League players get the name they want. In League, usernames expire after a certain amount of inactivity. This script automatically claims them the instant they drop. The program also contains a built-in function to mass check usernames in all 11 regions. It reports exactly when the names you query are going to become available.


Username Availability Checker

The builtin username checker is very useful for querying thousands of names to find exactly which ones are available instead of doing them one by one. The program just takes a list of usernames separated by newlines and goes through and checks all of them one-by-one, for all the regions selected. The output is printed in a convenient tree, organized by username.


The scheduler allows you to sign into the League of Legends client from the program and give automated control of the client to the program. This process works by taking advantage of the official LCU Api. After logging in, the client sends an http request to POST /riotclient/kill-ux, which closes the client UI so it’s not in the way. Then, the program waits until the exact time the username is scheduled to become available, and starts sending HTTP to the claim username endpoint.


Results Display

After the program finishes sending the HTTP requests, the results are displayed in the Results tab. It displays exactly when each packet reached the server and the response.