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About Me

I'm a self-taught developer fluent in Java and C#, and currently learning JavaScript. I originally learned programming through C# desktop apps and eventually transitioned to C# backend with ASP.NET Core. I've also spent several years doing industrial applications using controllers such as the Nanoline and PLC Next/Axioline from Phoenix Contact. Recently, I picked up Java and have been making Minecraft mods as a hobby.


Here's some stuff I've been working on

Latae Lotus Automatic Shower

Latae Lotus Automatic Shower The Nanoline Contest is a PLC automation competition hosted by Phoenix Contact. At the beginning of every season, teams get the Nanoline Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) kit and a $300 gift card. The competition is very open ended, requiring teams to build anything as long as it uses the Nanoline controller. Our team of 4 people decided to build an automatic shower for the physically impair...
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Ebay Searcher

The Ebay Searcher is a program I designed for a client to be able to easily search tens of thousands of Ebay results automatically and easily filter them. The main use case for this program is for a user to be able to automatically scan every page of an Ebay Search in order to find unseen deals and compare thousands of results easily. This program also gets rid of ad results, thus making the searching process more refined. C...
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League of Legends Username Bot

League of Legends Username Bot The League Of Legends Username Bot is a program created to help League players get the name they want. In League, usernames expire after a certain amount of inactivity. This script automatically claims them the instant they drop. The program also contains a built-in function to mass check usernames in all 11 regions. It reports exactly when the names you query are going to become available. ...
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LoL Sniper Panel

The League of Legends Sniper Panel is a real-time info panel that displays the status of hundreds of copies of my League of Legends Username Bot all running at the same time on AWS. In short, it’s a controller for a large scale username claimer. Real-Time Diagnostics All the servers on AWS report their status by sending an http request to my private server, which compiles everything into a single json file. Then, ...
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About Geckolib is an entity animation loader for Minecraft Java Edition, which lets you export Minecraft Bedrock animations and play them in your mod. Geckolib also supports sound keyframes, particle keyframes, event keyframes, 30+ easing types, and much more. The library is currently available on Forge 1.12, 1.15, 1.16, Fabric 1.15, and Fabric 1.16. We are currently supporting all of those versions (which is a pain, so p...
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